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Calling all Jr. Dukes, families, and coaches!

Come to Estabrook Beer Garden

On Saturday, September 21

From 3-6pm

Come meet all the Jr. Dukes and their families for some conversation and fun!  Show your Duke pride with your Jr. Dukes gear or WFB gear.

Evaluations for 19/20 Season Completed

Tryouts for the 2019/20 WFB Jr. Dukes Baseball Club have been completed and all of the teams have been selected and communicated to those selected. We wish to thank all of the players for giving us their very best effort at tryouts. We evaluated over 230 players at various stations: infield, outfield, pitching & hitting. In addition to the tryout scores, we considered the prior year of Jr. Dukes statistics and the prior year of WFBLL play as we selected the teams, which is a very challenging task. We are excited about the depth of talent that we have in Whitefish Bay which includes those who have and have not been selected to be on one of these teams.

I would like to encourage those kids who didn’t make a Jr. Dukes team to continue to work hard on your baseball skills over this upcoming year, and would strongly encourage kids to tryout again next year.

WFBLL provides an opportunity for your son/daughter to continue to play baseball through 7th grade Little League.

For those not playing Jr. Dukes, Whitecaps provides another opportunity to play travel baseball. NORTHSHOREWHITECAPS.ORG

Thank you,

Whitefish Bay Jr. Dukes Baseball Club Board

Mission Statement

The Whitefish Bay Jr. Dukes Baseball Club (herein known as Jr. Dukes Baseball) will promote the sport of baseball in the Village of Whitefish Bay by providing opportunities to play baseball in tournament form for all players’ grades 3 through 8.  To be eligible to play for the Whitefish Bay Jr. Dukes Baseball Club, you must either live in Whitefish Bay or attend school in Whitefish Bay.  For players in third through sixth grade, you must also participate in Whitefish Bay Little League. As of July 2012, if you are currently a member of a Jr. Dukes team, you will be grandfathered in to the selection process, provided your involvement is continuous.  These opportunities are designed to help develop the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of our players by participation in the sport of baseball. The primary focus being that each player has the possibility to improve his/her skill development and knowledge while enjoying the competitive spirit of the game.


Bat Update for Jr. Dukes Baseball